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Welcome to my personal web site. Occasionally, when I have the time, I'll post a few pictures or stories to this site to keep friends and family updated on things happening in my world.

If you want to check out all things "UltraDave", just click on the links above. I'm adding new photos, stories, and interesting links all the time, hopefully you'll enjoy what you see!

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Who says Ultradave doesn't run hard? - Near the finish
of the `07 Super Bowl 7 Mi. Trail race finish.


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Way Too Cool 50k - 3/10/07 - This will be a "jog", as I really have not been putting in the miles. It will be fun regardless, I'm sure.



Spring, 2007. Well, I finally got around to updating this page after (gulp!) two years! Needless to say, I've been pretty busy during this time. The format of will be changing - mostly just archived stuff now. Pictures, and the occasional article or interesting link. Wish I had more time to update content to the site, but such is life in our modern world. The dominant issue in my family's life these days is the ongoing valiant struggle of my sister Dorice, as she battles breast cancer. Two years after initial diagnosis, 6 surgeries, and many trials and tribulations later, she is still here, bravely refusing to quit. She is an amazingly strong and incredible person who inspires all who know her. She has had a major setback recently, so all of you out there who believe in the power of prayer and positive vibes, please send some to her and her family. They certainly can use them, and definitely appreciates it! In addition to dealing with her daily fight for life, Dorice and husband Andy have also managed to find the energy to create a fund dedicated to assisting those undergoing active cancer treatment, as well as their immediate families. The fund, called the "Face The Sun" fund, will supply eligible patients (those who are currently in active treatment) with a memorable experience such as a short trip, a dinner, or an outing that the patient's family can enjoy to "get away" from the trying times facing them. Did I say my sister is amazing? If you would like to see more about the fund, or even make a donation (yes!), go to for more info.

I hope you're all doing well, tell me how you're doing! I can be reached at:

Peace and happiness to you all... - Dave



Nothing for now, but stay tuned!

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