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Welcome to Ultradave's Friends page! Scroll down the page to see photos of UltraDave's friends throughout the years.

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Friends in the new millenium (Under construction)
Friends in the 90's (Under construction)
Friends in the 80's (Under construction)
Friends in the 70's (Under construction)


Dave and girlfriend Mary Fagan, after her winning performance at the 2003 Skyline 50k (8/03)


Dave and the Tuesday night Pelican Inn running group enjoy beer and sausages at Tomas's cabin in Mill Valley (7/03)


Dave with Runner Bob and Laura Simon (2/00)

Tom Hirsch and Dave before the start of the 1983
Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon - Wilmington, DE (3/83)

Wayne Muller, John Conover and Dave on Hell Night - Pledging BUZ fraternity (5/81)

Some of the old Orange County Track Club gang (1986)

Tu-tu Men rule! Hans Lothander, Gigi Guichard and Dave at the start of the 1999 Bay To Breakers 12k (5/99)

The Simon Family - Runner Bob, Sommer and Mama Laura (11/00)

The Dipsea Gang - Tom Berns, Jack Burns, Dave and
Mitch DeShields - Dipsea Opening, 1999 (4/99)