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"The family is one of nature's masterpieces" 
- George Santayana

Welcome to Ultradave's Family page! Scroll down the page to see some classic pictures of the Covey family and their relatives throughout the years.

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Family in the new millenium
Family in the 90's (Under construction)
Family in the 80's (Under construction)
Family in the 70's (Under construction)
Family in the 60's and earlier... (Under construction)


The Covey Family, circa 1982. Mom wants to
know if we can sue Sears for this picture...;-)

Earliest known photograph of Ultradave, with Granddad Romig. - July 1961

Ma & Pa Covey - 3/01

The Covey, Lessard, Romig and Azen families, X-Mas 1999

Cheerleader Niece Kaylene - 9/01

Dad the croquet champ. Nice socks, Dad! - 1971

The Romig Men - Cousins Doug, new papa Jeff, Uncle Bill,
newborn Issac - 12/01

Nephew Chris - 9/01

The Lessard Family - 2001

The Covey and Romig Families - X-Mas 1997

Lil' sis Dorice - 1971

Mama Steph and Issac

Mom and Dad at Longwood Gardens - Dec. 2002
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of Ultradave's family throughout the years...